apilayer have acquired Cachet

Happy New Year! We have some great news, Cachet has been acquired by apilayer.

I'd like to start with a personal apology for the delay in this exciting announcement. Due to unforeseen personal circumstances, my day-to-day involvement with Cachet stopped for a few months. This has led to the official announcement being delayed from when acquisition took place back in July.

I'm now back and ready to keep moving the project forward alongside apilayer and would like to kick-start the new year by telling you all about this new venture.

Over the last four years Cachet has grown into an incredibly popular piece of open-source software, something that I’ll forever be incredibly proud of. According to DockerHub, Cachet has been downloaded over 1 million times and that's not including the manual installs and the GitHub clones.

So, who are apilayer?

apilayer are developers like us. Their statement is to Automate What Should Be Automated and they're passionate about providing powerful and startup-friendly APIs for Developers and Businesses.

After our initial conversations, it was clear that apilayer were the right people to take on Cachet and continue what we started. Right off the bat, we were talking about the same goals and hopes for Cachet.

Why transfer ownership?

I'm incredibly proud of where Cachet is today but if you've ever opened an issue or a PR, you'll know that it can take me a while to get back to you. That's not good enough for a project like Cachet and apilayer are here to ensure that there is a continued investment into Cachet at all times.

What happens now?

I want to be clear that apilayer are committed to keeping Cachet open source and that myself and Alt Three will be involved in the continued maintenance and development of it.

So, without further ado, please welcome Paul, Julian and the rest of apilayer to the Cachet community.

By the way, the Cachet mailing list was not part of the acquisition. Your emails remain with us.

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